Middle Level Honor Band

KBA Middle Level Band Co-Chairs
Stephanie Marston & Erik Cooke-Stone

The 2018 Middle Level Band will take place on Friday, July 20, 2018 during the KBA Summer Convention at the Double Tree Airport Hotel in Wichita, KS.

Info brochure and parent permission form will be posted shortly after the KMEA In-Service Workshop.

2018_KBA_ML_Band_Brochure – PDF

2018_KBA_ML_Band_Parent_Letter (permission form) – PDF

Director’s Nominations

Current KBA members are invited to submit 2018 KBA Middle Level Band Nominations

Nomination deadline is April 18, 2018, 11:59:59 PM (CST)

Nomination deadline has been extended to April 20 to avoid conflicts with State Large Group.
  • Directors must be current members of KBA and in attendance at the convention in order to have students participate in the KBA Middle Level Honor Band.
  • The band selection process will come from director nominations throughout the state.
  • Nominations are submitted on the KBA website.
  • Students currently in 6th, 7th, or 8th grade will be accepted.
  • Please include specific comments regarding each submission. (These comments will aid in the selection of students.)
  • All entries are to be submitted no later than the posted deadline.

* Directors – It is essential to share this pertinent information with the students you are nominating. Students and families must be aware of the date of this event, and willing to make the commitment to participate if selected.

The band size is limited to approximately 90 students, so please understand that not every student nominated will be selected. We must strive to have a balanced instrumentation in this band. The selection of students/instrumentation will be posted on the KBA website the first part of May.

Each selected student will incur a participation fee of $40. The fee includes lunch for the students. In addition, all directors who have students participating in the honor band must be registered for the KBA convention, on site and available throughout the duration of your student’s visit in the event assistance is necessary. Districts who do not have directors on site to assist and supervise students will be charged $100.

This unique summertime event allows you, the director, an opportunity to reward student progress and achievement, as well as providing your students a wonderful honor band experience with a nationally recognized conductor/clinician! Come share in the wealth of presentations, hands on learning sessions, concerts, and motivating, musical education opportunities the KBA convention will offer.

Schedule will be posted soon.

KBA Middle Level Band Roster – 2018


  1. Alexa Gerdes, Dodge City-Comanche MS
  2. Samantha Goins, De Soto-Lexington Trails MS
  3. Gillian Swindler, Pratt-Skyline MS
  4. Sydney Fisher, Marysville
  5. Kathryn Holt, Larned MS
  6. Reese Martens, Maize MS
  7. Victoria Major, Overland Park-Westridge MS
  8. Abigail Griffin, Cheney MS
  9. Tabitha Ellwood, Little River Jr/Sr HS
  10. Peyton Samek, Maize MS
  11. Josephine Cochran, Sedgwick Schools
  12. Samantha Hoeme, Scott City MS
  13. Alasandra Manthe, Kingman MS


  1. Madison Lee, Ottawa MS


  1. McKenna Minneman, Marysville
  2. Simeon Wassom, Marysville
  3. Mariah Woltje, Holton MS


  1. Kris Goins, De Soto-Lexington Trails MS
  2. Katina Bartel, Holton MS
  3. Molly McCarthy, De Soto-Lexington Trails MS
  4. Kylie Scherer, Pratt-Skyline MS
  5. Alec Panagakis, De Soto-Lexington Trails MS
  6. Sydney Althauser, Holton MS
  7. Jireh Ramirez, Liberal-Eisenhower MS
  8. Sara Stucky, Elbing-Berean Academy JH
  9. Chelsie Rose, Scott City MS
  10. Madison Warner, Kingman MS
  11. Kate Crisler, Maize MS
  12. Jocelyn Goodwin, Neodesha HS
  13. Cierra Hockett, Leon-Bluestem Jr/Sr HS
  14. Rebekah Harmon, Larned MS
  15. Gabriella Reyes, Great Bend MS
  16. Evelyn Evans, Canton-Galva Jr/Sr HS
  17. Ellie Barnard, Eudora MS
  18. Allison Cole, Osborne JH/HS
  19. Emma Larson, Little River Jr/Sr HS
  20. Liberty McCloud, Wichita-Trinity Academy
  21. Sareena Samo, Wichita-Brooks MS
  22. Brynn Taylor, Benton-Circle MS

Bass Clarinet

  1. Kristen Pisano, Hutchinson-Reno Valley MS
  2. Johnna Rosson, Caney Valley

Alto Sax

  1. Serenity Larson, Dodge City-Comanche MS
  2. Allison Dierking, Marysville
  3. Daniel Amparan, Liberal-Eisenhower MS
  4. Alexia Boese, Lyons MS
  5. Bella Brownlee, Sterling JH
  6. Campbell McNorton, Eudora MS
  7. Isabel Woolley, Udall

Tenor Sax

  1. Izabelle Youngers, Kingman MS
  2. Max Contreras, Scott City MS
  3. Ethan Unruh, Canton-Galva Jr/Sr HS
  4. Grace Turner, Leon-Bluestem Jr/Sr HS

Bari Sax

  1. Neo Kim, Manhattan-Anthony MS
  2. Tyler Van Deventer, Overland Park-Westridge MS
  3. Joshua Owensby, Manhattan-Eisenhower MS


  1. Nic Weaver, De Soto-Lexington Trails MS
  2. Noah Svaty, Sterling JH
  3. Branden Stanfield, Kismet-Southwestern Heights
  4. Hannah Caudillo, Overland Park-Westridge MS
  5. Sam Arrandale, De Soto-Lexington Trails MS
  6. Clark Billinger, De Soto-Lexington Trails MS
  7. Kyle Reese, Lebo School
  8. Randi Hoffman, Pratt-Skyline MS
  9. Angel Diaz, Pratt-Skyline MS
  10. Isaac Daniels, De Soto-Lexington Trails MS
  11. Samantha Vesper, Lyons MS
  12. Matthew Figgs, Larned MS
  13. Lorena Favela, Great Bend MS
  14. Nash Young, Cheney MS
  15. Landry George, Uniontown JH


  1. Kendan Powers, De Soto-Lexington Trails MS
  2. Grace Schulze, Lebo School
  3. Ryan Lange, De Soto-Lexington Trails MS
  4. Abby Speer, Kismet-Southwestern Heights
  5. Quinncy Morris, Ottawa MS
  6. Jasmine Hoffman, Liberal-Eisenhower MS
  7. Breisen Keller, Uniontown JH
  8. Levi Knoll, Osborne JH/HS


  1. Jacob Dority, De Soto-Lexington Trails MS
  2. Conner Stukenholtz, Dodge City-Comanche MS
  3. Cody Bremenkamp, Liberal-Eisenhower MS
  4. Leo Egging, Pratt-Skyline MS
  5. Aidan Hamer, De Soto-Lexington Trails MS
  6. Troy Hamm, Pratt-Skyline MS
  7. Aubrey Gerdes, Dodge City-Comanche MS
  8. Jackson DeForeest, Maize MS
  9. Dalton Ashcraft, Holton MS
  10. Payton Ryba, Cheney MS
  11. Lexie Nacin, Caney Valley
  12. Bekah Miller, Benton-Circle MS
  13. Mason Springer, Neodesha-Northlawn Elem.

Baritone TC

  1. Dylan Handley, De Soto-Lexington Trails MS
  2. Ben Wackerla, De Soto-Lexington Trails MS

Baritone BC

  1. Samantha Haney, Larned MS
  2. Abby Garrett, Sedgwick Schools
  3. Kathryn Mile, Waverly Jr/Sr HS
  4. Adalberto Valles, Dodge City MS


  1. Levi Hutchison, Udall
  2. Edgar Cortez, Liberal-Eisenhower MS
  3. Zoie Phillips, Dodge City MS
  4. Ender Isenburg, Eudora MS
  5. Gavin Starling, Manhattan-Eisenhower MS
  6. Kylie Inlow, Sedgwick Schools

Percussionlisted in alpha order

  • Tanner Chase, De Soto-Lexington Trails MS
  • Sidney Cooper, Great Bend MS
  • Beth Harman, Dodge City-Comanche MS
  • Hayden Holmberg, Manhattan-Anthony MS
  • Sam Logan, Hutchinson-Reno Valley MS
  • Macy McDonald, Wichita-Trinity Academy
  • Parker Stucky, Elbing-Berean Academy JH
  • Kevin Villanueva, Dodge City-Comanche MS