Middle Level Honor Band

KBA Middle Level Band Co-Chairs
Erik Stone and Ashten Anderson


The 2020 Middle Level Band will take place on Friday, July 16, 2021 during the KBA Summer Convention at the DoubleTree Airport Hotel in Wichita, KS.

KBA Permission Letter


2021 MLB Clinician – Mickey Smith, Jr.

The name Mickey Smith, Jr. has become synonymous with the word “music” across the country. As a dynamic and driven sax man that is passionate about music and education, Mickey has been the band director at Maplewood Middle School since 2005. In addition to playing music and teaching, he also serves educators through his SOUND180 EDUCATORS program and supports organizations that promote music education for children; for example, he is president of the non-profit Musicmakers2U, which gives deserving young people musical instruments at no cost. He is currently the 2020 GRAMMY Music Educator Award national winner. This award recognizes the  country’s top music instructor and influencer in the nation. Mickey uses a unique motivational mixture of music and message to encourage others to KEEP ON GOING and DISCOVER THEIR SOUND.

For more information about Mr. Smith, check out https://mickeysmithjr.com/.

* Directors – It is essential to share this pertinent information with the students you are nominating. Students and families must be aware of the date of this event, and willing to make the commitment to participate if selected.

The band size is limited to approximately 90 students, so please understand that not every student nominated will be selected. We must strive to have a balanced instrumentation in this band. The selection of students/instrumentation will be posted on the KBA website the first part of May.

Each selected student will incur a participation fee of $40. The fee includes lunch for the students. In addition, all directors who have students participating in the honor band must be registered for the KBA convention, on site and available throughout the duration of your student’s visit in the event assistance is necessary. Districts who do not have directors on site to assist and supervise students will be charged $100.

KBA Permission Letter

This unique summertime event allows you, the director, an opportunity to reward student progress and achievement, as well as providing your students a wonderful honor band experience with a nationally recognized conductor/clinician! Come share in the wealth of presentations, hands on learning sessions, concerts, and motivating, musical education opportunities the KBA summer convention has to offer.

Schedule of Events
8:00-8:30 AM –  Check-in (North Banquet Lobby)
8:20-8:35 AM –  Seated with Instruments
8:40-10:00 AM –  Introductions and Rehearsal
9:00-10:00 AM –  Parent Session
10:00-10:20 AM –  Morning Break
10:25-11:55 AM –  Rehearsal resumes
12:00-12:45 PM –  Lunch at DoubleTree provided by KBA
12:45-2:00 PM –  Rehearsal resumes
2:00-2:20 PM –  Afternoon Break
2:30-3:30 PM –  Final Rehearsal
3:30-4:10 PM –  Time to change for Concert
4:10 PM –  Students head to Concert Seats
4:30PM –  KBA Middle Level Honor Band Concert

Any further questions should be forwarded on to either Erik Stone or Ashten Anderson, our KBA Middle Level Honor Band Chairs.


2020 KBA Middle Level Band Roster


  1. Kayli Marsteller, Sedgwick Schools
  2. Carli Miller, De Soto-Lexington Trails MS
  3. Isabella Holwick, De Soto-Lexington Trails MS
  4. Madisen Brecheisen, Benton-Circle MS
  5. Norah Youngers, Kingman MS
  6. Kealy Hammond, Pratt-Skyline MS
  7. Emma Ohler, Pratt-Skyline MS
  8. Alexa Logsdon, Udall
  9. Raena Temaat, Minneola
  10. Joellen Vogt, Eudora MS
  11. Sally Palmer, South Haven JH
  12. Lia Ghaoui-Huynh, Wichita-Robinson MS
  13. Mary Pearce, Kingman MS
  14. Brooklyn King, Udall
  15. Eva Ramirez, Great Bend MS
  16. Emilee Nelson, Great Bend MS
  17. Kate West, Neodesha-North Lawn Elem.
  18. Ailey Williams, Great Bend MS
  19. Lauren Wichman, St. George-Rock Creek JH
  20. Maria Carlson, Marion MS
  21. Gwen Hodgson, St. George-Rock Creek JH
  22. Sophia Young, Weskan School
  23. Elisa Bartel, Holton MS
  24. Ella McNabb, Waverly JH
  25. Kylie McCormick, Great Bend MS


  1. Mollie John, Neodesha MS
  2. Audrey Wilson, Wichita-Robinson MS


  1. Mariah Woltje, Holton MS
  2. Carter Meerpohl, Holton MS
  3. Sophia McMillan, Wichita-Robinson MS


  1. Carson Allen, De Soto-Lexington Trails MS
  2. Drew Parks, De Soto-Lexington Trails MS
  3. Jennifer Kim, Manhattan-Eisenhower MS
  4. Alison Helsel, Pratt-Skyline MS
  5. Grace Hoffman, Pratt-Skyline MS
  6. Nicholas Frese, Marysville
  7. Taryn Bennett, Cheney MS
  8. Jon Rajewski, Cheney MS
  9. Keegan Flynn, De Soto-Lexington Trails MS
  10. Aditya Shadakshari, Wichita-Robinson MS
  11. Will Porcaro, Wichita-Robinson MS
  12. Isaac Hargett, Manhattan-Eisenhower MS
  13. Lexi Passauer, Neodesha MS
  14. Bailey Shoemaker, Eudora MS
  15. Selma Baudraa, Wichita-Robinson MS
  16. Reese Sanders, Cheney MS
  17. Alexander Lee, Manhattan-Eisenhower MS
  18. Keeton Foust, Manhattan-Anthony MS
  19. Samantha Mayers, Great Bend MS
  20. Will Miller, Lyons MS
  21. Emerald Morton, De Soto-Lexington Trails MS
  22. Delaney Bradford, Neodesha-North Lawn Elem.
  23. Mason Carlson, Marysville
  24. Bridget Woltje, Holton MS
  25. Chandler Tripp, Benton-Circle MS
  26. Kendalyn King, Udall
  27. Abbey White, Neodesha MS

Bass Clarinet

  1. Katelyn McCracken, Manhattan-Eisenhower MS
  2. Zoe McNabb, Waverly JH
  3. Emily Fairchild, Kingman MS
  4. Eden Brown, Wichita-Robinson MS

Alto Sax

  1. Tanisha Kulkarni, Wichita-Robinson MS
  2. Jordann Elder, Cheney MS
  3. Preston Agee, Sedgwick Schools
  4. Kylie Kim, Manhattan-Anthony MS
  5. Ismael Carrasco, Pratt-Skyline MS
  6. Abigail Kennedy, Eudora MS
  7. Alayna Wehrman, Cheney MS
  8. Colby Bannon, Kingman MS
  9. Karlee Watson, Caney Valley
  10. Jude Nelson, Pratt-Skyline MS
  11. Trevor Matzke, St. George-Rock Creek JH
  12. Maggie Chandler, Neodesha MS
  13. Liam Rogers, Wichita-Robinson MS
  14. Jackson Lucas, De Soto-Lexington Trails MS
  15. Jordan Bode, De Soto-Lexington Trails MS

Tenor Sax

  1. Leliann Rife, Eudora MS
  2. Madison Hicks, Holton MS
  3. Luke Lassey, Holton MS
  4. Daniel Schierling, St. George-Rock Creek JH
  5. Maggie Schott, De Soto-Lexington Trails MS

Bari Sax

  1. Max Nokes, Eudora MS
  2. Mia Bosarge, Wichita-Robinson MS


  1. Ashlyn Jennings, De Soto-Lexington Trails MS
  2. Austin Yust, Kingman MS
  3. Clark Billinger, De Soto-Lexington Trails MS
  4. Breanna Wells, Cheney MS
  5. Grace Turner, Marysville
  6. Noah Bartel, Holton MS
  7. Brayden Berens, Pratt-Skyline MS
  8. Megan Matulka, Pratt-Skyline MS
  9. Landon Snyder, St. George-Rock Creek JH
  10. Trenton Peterson, Great Bend MS
  11. Erin Liu, Wichita-Robinson MS
  12. Reese Doyle, De Soto-Lexington Trails MS
  13. Austin Smith, Weskan School
  14. Elizabeth Smith, Kingman MS
  15. Tate Vanderbom, Benton-Circle MS
  16. Kierran Hoffman, Udall
  17. Caylor Helm, Kingman MS
  18. Trinity Griffin, Cheney MS
  19. Garric Nowlin, Manhattan-Anthony MS
  20. Tyshion Miller, Manhattan-Anthony MS
  21. Miriam Mason, Marion MS
  22. Daschel Drawdy, Neodesha MS
  23. Moses Morton, De Soto-Lexington Trails MS
  24. Samantha Stover, Neodesha MS


  1. Grant Parcell, Wichita-Robinson MS
  2. Guinevere Kennedy, Lyons MS
  3. Stanton Custer, Minneola
  4. Cory Hampton, Pratt-Skyline MS
  5. Jason Smith, Benton-Circle MS
  6. Isabel Wilson, Wichita-Robinson MS
  7. Eva Ives, Newton-Chisholm MS
  8. Marianna Boese, Lyons MS
  9. Parker McClanahan, Neodesha MS
  10. Paige Sanders, Wichita-Robinson MS
  11. Brooke Slipke, Holton-Jackson Heights JH


  1. Eilidh Aiken, Wichita-Robinson MS
  2. Adalia Faber, Manhattan-Anthony MS
  3. Wyatt Stutz, De Soto-Lexington Trails MS
  4. Ailey Freeman, De Soto-Lexington Trails MS
  5. Modou Sabally, Wichita-Robinson MS
  6. Corban Dierking, Minneola
  7. Holden Arthaud-Day, Manhattan-Anthony MS
  8. Hassan Everingham, Wichita-Robinson MS
  9. Murdoc Cochran, Sedgwick Schools
  10. Kendall Minneman, Marysville
  11. Emily Horr, Holton MS
  12. Emorie Sadowski, Benton-Circle MS
  13. Garret Wassom, Manhattan-Anthony MS
  14. Tucker Leck, Neodesha MS
  15. Nicholas Bartlett, Weskan School

Baritone TC

  1. Isaac Daniels, De Soto-Lexington Trails MS
  2. Michael Colclasure, De Soto-Lexington Trails MS
  3. Gunison Hastings, De Soto-Lexington Trails MS
  4. Aubree Merryman, Caney Valley
  5. Ellen Meseraull, Neodesha MS

Baritone BC

  1. Rose Latta, Marysville
  2. Lily Wilson, Wichita-Robinson MS
  3. John Denton, Lyons MS
  4. Ammar Siddique, Wichita-Robinson MS
  5. Lee Loughridge, Lyons MS


  1. Derrick Ferris-Workman, Wichita-Robinson MS
  2. Matthew Fling, De Soto-Lexington Trails MS
  3. Seha Celik, Manhattan-Eisenhower MS
  4. Ada Meyer, Cheney MS
  5. Dylan Jacklovich, Manhattan-Eisenhower MS
  6. Taylor Martinez, Wichita-Robinson MS
  7. Taylor McGowne, Kingman MS
  8. Cameron Eastman, Cheney MS
  9. Jackson Sircoulomb-Goodwin, Wichita-Robinson MS

Percussionlisted in alpha order

  • Kory Anschutz, Pratt-Skyline MS
  • Austin Chase, De Soto-Lexington Trails MS
  • Owen Cook, Neodesha-North Lawn Elem.
  • Noah Daniels, De Soto-Lexington Trails MS
  • JJ Denton, Caney Valley
  • Gavin Devinney, Benton-Circle MS
  • Shaliah Ensley, Marion MS
  • Logan Heineken, Holton MS
  • Grayson Kuchar, South Haven JH
  • Evan Locke, Wichita-Robinson MS
  • Cole Parsons, Manhattan-Eisenhower MS
  • Ryker Ratzloff, Sedgwick Schools
  • Griffin Wallace, Pratt-Skyline MS