Middle Level Honor Band Roster 2022

The roster for the 2022 KBA Middle Level Honor Band has been posted to the Kansas Bandmasters Association webpage. It is also found at the bottom of this post. Our team thanks all of the participating departments for submitting such outstanding nominations and we send congratulations to all of your students on their accomplishment. We received over 200 nominations of highly qualified students and this band has the potential to be outstanding! Please be sure to mark your calendars for Friday, July 22, 2022.
More information will be sent out this week, including information about the workings of this one-day-event, a congratulations letter for selected students, and information about music. If you have questions please let someone from our team know.
Erik Stone & Ashten Volkman
Middle Level Honor Band Chairs
Kansas Bandmasters Association
KBA ML Band Roster

  1. Alyssa McNemee, De Soto-Lexington Trails MS
  2. Kaitlyn Webb, Cheney MS
  3. Elisa Bartel, Holton MS
  4. Maria Carlson, Marion MS
  5. Brin Bergkamp, Cheney MS
  6. Autumn Baethke, Eudora MS
  7. Cavan Schueller, Mount Hope-St. Joseph Catholic School, Ost
  8. Katelyn Peterson, Eudora MS
  9. Caylee Eggers, Neodesha MS
  10. Alt. 1 – Kaydence Prock, Emporia MS
  11. Alt. 2 – Lyla Schroeder, Circle MS


  1. Cael Miller, Haysville West MS


  1. Krista Adcock, Holton MS
  2. Rheegyn Richert, Winfield MS
  3. Carlyn Hollingsworth, Augusta MS


  1. Lacie Banman, Kismet-Southwestern Heights
  2. Keegan Flynn, De Soto-Lexington Trails MS
  3. Jessica Broyles, South Haven JH
  4. Elizabeth Fullmer, De Soto-Lexington Trails MS
  5. Adria Chrislip, Eudora MS
  6. Avalin Hughes, South Haven JH
  7. Riley Padget-Cook, Bennington Jr/Sr HS
  8. Shiana Shippy, Bennington Jr/Sr HS
  9. Allison Konrade, Lebo School
  10. Lauren Howe, Olathe-Santa Fe Trail MS
  11. Alana Grillot, South Haven JH
  12. Gabbi Perry, Haysville West MS
  13. Mya Marten, Holton MS
  14. Bridget Woltje, Holton MS
  15. Natalie Yepez, Minneola
  16. Alt. 1 – Carley Russell, South Haven JH
  17. Alt. 2 – Jasmynn Bathory, Waverly JH

Bass Clarinet

  1. Mattalynn Smith, Winfield MS
  2. Ryleigh White, Eudora MS
  3. Adalyn Irey, South Haven JH
  4. Kylee Barr, Lebo School
  5. Alt. 1 – Aileen Figueroa Acosta, Liberal-Eisenhower MS

Alto Sax

  1. Elle Over, South Haven JH
  2. Jack Ludlum, Topeka-Robinson MS
  3. Lilian Thiessen, Circle MS
  4. Ismael Ramirez, Great Bend MS
  5. Daniel Callahan, Holton MS
  6. Marely Mendoza, Liberal-Eisenhower MS
  7. Olivia Mans, Osborne Jr/Sr HS
  8. Alt. 1 – Levi Sage, De Soto-Lexington Trails MS
  9. Alt. 2 – Dalton Peters, Holton MS

Tenor Sax

  1. Gabriel Gaines, Wichita-Gordon Parks Academy
  2. Ryan Vogt, De Soto-Lexington Trails MS
  3. Emilina Mills, Circle MS
  4. Alt. 1 – Cordelia Byington, Emporia MS

Bari Sax

  1. Eric Lange, De Soto-Lexington Trails MS
  2. Shyann Harris, Marion MS
  3. Chase Garland, Topeka-Robinson MS
  4. Alt. 1 – Arallai Wartick, South Haven JH


  1. Luke Vogt, De Soto-Lexington Trails MS
  2. Gracie Giger, South Haven JH
  3. Addison Easter, De Soto-Lexington Trails MS
  4. Hannah Higginbotham, Eudora MS
  5. Slade Cauley, Great Bend MS
  6. Julian Montenegro, St. George-Rock Creek MS
  7. Ayden Ferguson, Lebo School
  8. Sydney Roelfs, Sterling
  9. Silas Good, Caney Valley
  10. Eli Seaman, Waverly JH
  11. Alt. 1 – Sarah Lynn, Douglass-Sisk MS
  12. Alt. 2 – Kaleb Hone, Bennington Jr/Sr HS


  1. Benjamin May, Olathe-Santa Fe Trail MS
  2. Lillian Stice, Emporia MS
  3. Tiffany Cereceres, Lyons MS
  4. Hannah Lynn, Douglass-Sisk MS
  5. Alt. 1 – Olivia DeBusk, Holton MS


  1. Kaylen Gourley, Bennington Jr/Sr HS
  2. Aaron Vogt, De Soto-Lexington Trails MS
  3. Byron Washington-Urbano, Holton MS
  4. Quivon Syvoravong, Winfield MS
  5. Aseel Albawardi, Cheney MS
  6. Garrison Knight, Lebo School
  7. Jake Robidoux, Hiawatha MS
  8. Mason Bellomy, Emporia MS
  9. Alt. 1 – Abel Gomez, Liberal-Eisenhower MS

Baritone TC

Baritone BC

  1. Alex Reasoner, Olathe-Santa Fe Trail MS
  2. Braedin Gardner, Liberal-Eisenhower MS
  3. Francisco Ortiz, Topeka-Robinson MS
  4. Jedd Casey, Atchison MS
  5. Alt. 1 – Zach Moore, Olathe-Santa Fe Trail MS


  1. Emily Storrer, Emporia MS
  2. Kolby Peter, Lyons MS
  3. Brylee Perez, Kismet-Southwestern Heights
  4. Oliver Dierking, Minneola
  5. Alt. 1 – Ben Peitz, Haysville West MS

Percussion – listed in alphabetical order

  • Dharma Drawdy, Neodesha MS
  • Aleczis Green, Liberal-Eisenhower MS
  • Rhen Hageman, Hiawatha MS
  • Braden Hoffman, De Soto-Lexington Trails MS
  • Norah Kelly, De Soto-Lexington Trails MS
  • Carson Marrs, Haysville West MS
  • Aidan Roseberry, Sedgwick HS
  • Maggie Turner, Holton MS
  • Meredith Unruh, Circle MS