Our mission is to Build Better Bands for Kansas by providing educational opportunities, special programs, and recognition for band musicians, students, and directors throughout Kansas. The purpose of this listserv is to help promote collegiality and provide a forum for directors to ask questions and seek advice so that they may continue to provide quality education to their students. This group is open to current & retired band directors, industry representatives, and college music education majors.

Please use discretion when asking questions, making recommendations, and replying to messages. We ask that you abide by the guidelines listed below. Any e-mail deemed outside the spirit of these guidelines by a moderator may result in a change of account privileges. Yes, this is censoring… that’s what moderating means. Similarly, any member can be removed from the group permanently for behavior unbecoming to the group/in conflict with these guidelines. 

  • Members must be music education majors, current, or retired band directors who are here solely for the purpose of exchanging pedagogical ideas and those other professionals who support music education in the state of Kansas.
  • Please be respectful, civil, and professional in all postings and comments. Debate is an important part of coming to new understandings for our profession and is therefore welcomed. Please be sure your opinions are grounded in your actual teaching experiences rather than untested hypotheticals. Remember that we are not here to point fingers at one another, but rather to put forth the best of our own teaching experiences from which we all can learn.
  • Professionalism – The following are discouraged:
    • Posting negatively to [Kansas-Bands] about other ensembles and/or directors.
    • Privacy –  While we know there is no such thing as true privacy on the internet, we expect our members to respect the confidential nature of our discussions and make posts that are focused on pedagogy.
    • Revealing details about specific administrators, colleagues, businesses, parents and/or students. Most questions and comments can be made without the need for much personal specificity.
  • Authentic, impartial recommendations –If a member wishes to share a recommendation about a product, service, composition, or other resource for the SOLE purpose of improving pedagogical practice (not because someone asked you to, not because you are affiliated), that is absolutely welcomed. This is not a place to advertise your business. Please recognize and respect this difference and keep the high ground so our group can remain fair and beneficial to all.
  • Posting of “for-sale” items that are owned by your school, such as old uniforms, etc. is allowed, but the posting of personal items for sale is not. Also, should you decide to sell items that are owned by your school, please be sure to clear permission with your administration first. Posting of “for-sale” items by drum corps and other organizations is allowed provided the proceeds are going directly to the organization.
  • Please respect all copyright laws. Please do not ask for photocopies/scans/pdfs, etc. of parts.  Please work with your distributor and publishers if you need extra copies parts.  Most distributors will be happy to sell you that “extra alto saxophone part.”  Out-of-print music is not exempt from copyright laws, it requires permission from the publisher to copy.  
  • Job listings, including tech positions for marching band are welcomed.
  • Any material with a political overtone should not be shared in this group.  Topics of policy and substance that directly affect our classrooms are acceptable.  (i.e.  Discussions of funding, teacher due process are OK.  Vote for candidate XYZ is NOT ok on this list).  Many of you have strong personal feelings about our leaders in state and federal government – there are other forums for those discussions outside of this group.
  • Humor is appreciated.  Humorous stories should be limited to funny things that happened in the classroom, on trips, or something funny a child said.   Jokes that are rude, crude, and disrespectful to individuals or a group of individuals will not be tolerated.
  • If your computer or email address sends a message that appears to have a virus or to have been hacked, your account will be changed to “messages must be approved by moderator.”
  • Attachments are not used/allowed on this list to prevent viruses from being shared.

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